Arsonal ft. Kim Warren

from by Swaggerwolf



written 09/2011, also performed by sparethelove


this is the empire that I built
I built it out of matches
and I never heard any of your words
so I was surprised when it all burned down

my back's against a wall
alone in the dark
searching for an exit
candle's wearing thin

I'm wearing thin

all hail the arsonist who saves me
for I, like my empire, am so ready to collapse
take me home
I long to hear those familiar sounds
where is my arsonist to save me now

Icarus falls so fast with no arms
to catch him at the ocean
he never heard any of your words
so he was surprised when he watched his wings burn

when I rise
I rose so loud
but when I fall
I won't make a single sound


from The Adulteress EP, released November 26, 2012


tags: rock Vancouver


all rights reserved


Swaggerwolf Vancouver, British Columbia

Bryce Lokken has been writing music since he was 16. He is from Vancouver.

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