The Adulteress EP

by Swaggerwolf

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released November 26, 2012

All music and words by Bryce Lokken, except for LLFLA, written by Bryce Lokken with help from Kim Warren.

Guitars, programming, vocals: Bryce Lokken
Vocals: Kim Warren
Gang vocals: James Stedham

Recorded, mixed, mastered by Bryce Lokken

Recorded in Vancouver, New Westminster, and Prince George, BC



all rights reserved


Swaggerwolf Vancouver, British Columbia

Bryce Lokken has been writing music since he was 16. He is from Vancouver.

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Track Name: Arsonal ft. Kim Warren
this is the empire that I built
I built it out of matches
and I never heard any of your words
so I was surprised when it all burned down

my back's against a wall
alone in the dark
searching for an exit
candle's wearing thin

I'm wearing thin

all hail the arsonist who saves me
for I, like my empire, am so ready to collapse
take me home
I long to hear those familiar sounds
where is my arsonist to save me now

Icarus falls so fast with no arms
to catch him at the ocean
he never heard any of your words
so he was surprised when he watched his wings burn

when I rise
I rose so loud
but when I fall
I won't make a single sound
Track Name: Love Letters From Los Angeles ft. Kim Warren
you're getting love letters from other men
while I'm lying in our bed
planning a wedding

taking week long trips
because you're bored
I can't believe that I believed
you were so much more

go ahead
get on a plane
I'm too much of a coward
to ask those hard questions
go ahead
get on a plane
and send me love letters
meant for him

I'm running three for three
do you love to taste his victory
or is he just so much
better than I could ever hope to be?

/from los angeles

I give and I give and I gave and I gave
Track Name: Green Eyes
I saw perfection tonight
in that lowest of light
the way she moves me moves me
I saw reflections of white
a dim mirror becomes bright
as the seas rise around me
I'm drowning

oh baby, we're all broken
and I would know better
than I would like to let myself believe
oh green eyes
lost inside
is this a dream when you're next to me?

I don't know where you've been
to let you feel like this
but if you come home tonight you'll never feel it again
and baby come close to me
make each other's hands clean
and I know that better days lie ahead
and oh you know
that I won't go down without a fight

oh green eyes
Track Name: The Way You're Shaped ft. Kim Warren
you've gone so far as to telephone EQ the silence
what lies dormant in our hearts will surely destroy us
I've tried my best to become again what you desire
so excuse me while my sky turns blue
and I set our worlds on fire

the hole in my chest
is still shaped the way you're shaped
and no matter who I wake up beside
I'm still alone when it's not you every day

the gravity of this fallacy
is eating holes in my stomach like hunger pains
so alone I wait
and I pray
like beaches of Normandy
that you would take just one honest look at me

little lady, here's the truth:
everything I do is just so you might see
dear old friend I'm not writing these songs for me
Track Name: The Adulteress
I hope it's not cold wherever you are
and no sick hands are pulling you down
and that whoever you eventually ran to
is holding you close right now

and I hope that you found what you were looking for
when you looked everywhere but right beside
when I was holding onto your hands so close
and you were letting go of mine

and even though you dug me the deepest of holes
and left me in there in the dark and in the cold
and even though you stole the sun from my sky
and still got on a plan
I'm going to be just fine

and I'm ready to know
that this was never all your fault
and that we are all made weak
but the silence is what is killing me

and even though you dug me the deepest of holes
and left me in there in the dark and in the cold
and even though you stole the sun from my sky
and still got on a plan
I'm going to be just fine

and oh adulteress I have waded through the depths
you're the only one who has yet to atone
and you will yet